Day 16

ProofSheet-Qlimax_page1As I start day 17, I forgot to write about Day 16 and the good news it brought.

In order to get that news it also brought a lot of pain. BONE PAIN. It’s like a package deal so I wasn’t up for writing.

The good news is my white count and neutrophils doubled overnight from Thursday to Friday. Over the last week it went from 90 to 430 to 1200 to 2400!!!! Omg. But to get that growth you get pain. What a great package deal. In fact ,it’s 3am and I’m writing to you because I’m awake in pain.

But I’ll suffer for some great news!! You learn to get over pain quickly when fighting cancer.

I don’t want morphine because for me, the side effects, severe vomiting, headache and that “out of it feeling”, are worse than the pain.
Tylenol and Ibuprofen are not options because they can mask a fever. As I have mentioned before, masking a fever can mask an infection which can be deadly. The one thing that helps with managing the bone pain, is a heated bean bag. So I fight through the pain.

Now back to Day 16.
So, if you have been following my story since I was diagnosed on January 24th, you might ask, if your counts are climbing why can’t you go home ? Great question, I asked my nurse yesterday as I begged to see Gabriel. Transplant is different than repeated rounds of intense doses of chemo. With a transplant, my immune system and T-cells are suppressed. Here’s the fascinating part as to the danger.
T-cells are the receptors that sound the alarm when you have an infection and signal the white blood cells to fight and where to go fight. Right now my immunosuppressants are suppressing those T-cells. So even though I have white blood cells they have no leader to direct them. Make sense ? So if I get an infection there is no one to sound the alarm. Doctors have to detect the infection by your blood work and vital signs. Is your blood pressure really low? Etc. It can be very dangerous. I’ll be on these immunosuppressants for 6 months. We need Lisa’s T-cells not mine. So we wait it out.

I’m sure day 17’s blood draw will bring great news because I’m feeling the pain while white blood cells multiply. It’s these small victories that we celebrate as we #ArmorUp for LIFE® to kick cancers ass!

Thanks for the prayers, cheers, support, and love. We couldn’t do this journey without you. Please don’t forget to #ArmorUp for LIFE®. Be prepared for what life throws your way.

God bless!

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