Day 15

IMG_4347.JPGDay 15
Thanks for the private messages. If I don’t message all day it usually means I’m too sick. I hate to miss a post because I truly hope to educate others what the process of a bone marrow transplant really is.

Great news to report but before I get to that let me take you back to day zero. While the day of transplant for me was exciting and not pain at all. It just looked like a blood transfusion — remember I said there where tough days ahead? Yesterday was one of them.

I’ll start with the GREAT news.
My sister is so far kicking ASS.
My neutrophils (the white blood cells which fight infection ) took another leap.
It went from 90 to 430 to OMG 1200!!!
They are so excited at the hospital saying this is a huge deal. They know it’s not me producing those cells because I don’t bounce back from zero like this. I take months to recover after chemo.

That being said, all the side effects had me in pain all day.

(1) I was beyond weak. My BP was 94/54. I felt faint. That meant I was really low on red blood cells and needed a transfusion.

(2) my platelets were super low and I wasn’t clotting blood well.

Well, that meant transfusions ALL day. I’m used to this. Been having transfusions since January right? Wrong. I’m starting to react to the donor’s antibodies. Despite giving me tons of IV Benadryl and Zantac as a pre med, I broke out in hives, had severe spinal pain and my throat started to close up. I was this terrified. I rang the nurse button in tears saying my throat was closing.

They paused the platelets. Gave me steroids and resumed. Then it was time for red cells. More pre meds. I was so sick.

Then a hormone shot from hell to keep me from going into menopause.

Then a 2nd shot in my stomach. Grow shots help the counts my body is making multiply so I start to PUSH Lisa’s marrow to work harder. The end result. Horrible, excruciating bone pain. It’s usually in the larger bones like it was for me and continues in my leg , hips and back.

I came home in a wheel chair. Quietly celebrating my body’s latest steps to produce more white counts but defeated because I was too tired and hurt too much to walk.

Up into now I remained in the dark under the covers w a migraine and in pain. I can’t take Tylenol and Ibuprofen because they can mask a fever. I took an ER cocktail of Reglan, Benadryl and a 200mg caffeine pill and finally I’m better.

The bone pain I’ll suffer though it. I have to be strong and refuse the morphine because the side effects make me more sick then the symptom. It makes me puke and causes more headaches. No thank you.

Oh and while I remain in denial and haven’t shorten my hair. It’s coming out in handfuls. Nothing like losing my hair twice. Hope Gabriel recognizes me. He didn’t last time I was bald.

Day 15 on my new life
Day 15 of 100 Day Challenge
45 days til I might get to see my son and hold him. That date is December 31 st. What a way to quietly ring in the new year as a family as we reconnect.

Thanks for the prayers.
#ArmorUp for LIFE®
Thanks for the prayers.


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