Day 13 – feeling good :)

IMG_4329.JPGDay 13 was by far was my best day. Great day means no puking. 🙂

Yes… I was nauseous and yes I felt weak, but still I felt stronger than all of the days so far. My cousin Marylin and I drove a few miles to the water and went on a walk. I did my best to #ArmorUp for LIFE®. I only walked 1.5 miles slowly and needed to sit for once. I felt human, not dizzy or sick and it was so refreshing.

The schedule of meds is crazy. It’s hard to keep up. I have to check my dry erase board and make sure i’m taking what i’m supposed to at any given moment. It’s about 20 pills a day… and soon they are adding more.

Oh and fantastic news! My counts are coming back. My neutrophils, the white blood cells that fight infection got a boost today. Perhaps, that is one reason I felt a little more human and normal. It was SO exciting to see my blood work. I went from zero immune system to a .9 — this is a huge deal. It will likely drop and then climb back up again. I get daily shots in my stomach to help the cells that my body is making grow more cells.

I’m so happy! Now we just need to pray that those cells are my sister’s DNA.

Thanks for the prayers, love and support!
Please please don’t forget to #ArmorUp for LIFE®.
Be prepared for life!! xo


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