Day 101! Congrats on the 100 Day Challenge

Good morning !
If you were doing the 100 day challenge with me as I recovery from my bone marrow transplant then congrats on taking steps to improve your health and life in some way! Today is day 101!!! Woo hoo

I choose 100 days not just because it’s the most critical time for me but also because every fitness guru and health expert I interviewed always told me it takes 3 months to create a habit for the body and see change and feel a big difference so I hope you feel better!!

If you missed out on the challenge and watched from the sidelines it’s not too late ! My recovery will last an entire year. I will go through many more challenges so I ask you to continue to #ArmorUp for LIFE® with me and change your life. This means so much to me. If you weren’t following my story when I start my #ArmorUp for LIFE® campaign let me explain. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was fit. My body was in great condition. Because I was fit I was able to get the toughest treatment available. The strongest chemo…. The toughest meds. That’s not the case for everyone else. As my doctor told me “anyone who walks through this door with high blood pressure, over weight, diabetic, weak heart etc puts himself or herself at a disadvantage. We have to lessen the dose and tip toe around their other diseases .” Do you want to HALF FIGHT for your LIFE? NO WAY!!!

I suffered so much and I was fit. I can’t imagine how traumatizing fighting for your life when other obstacles stand in your way. Make a promise to get up and do something to get healthier than you are today! #ArmorUp for LIFE®. Do Yoga, go for a walk, run, join a gym, cut out the sugar, the white flour, the processed foods, make some smoothies with green foods in them. You can do this. I saw too much loss at the hospital. There are so many stories to tell and I don’t want one of them to be yours!!

I’m practicing what I preach. I’m writing this while peddling hard on my bike. Two days ago I was sick in bed. Nothing will stop me. I want to see my son grow up. What do you want to do??

God bless
#ArmorUp for LIFE®

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