Counts in reverse

team_nuggetI planned for this trip to Johns Hopkins to be a short trip and I hope it stays that way. However, my nurse just woke me up with my latest lab test results and some of my red and white counts are going the wrong direction. Platelets are up. At least that’s great news. Of course, now I’m wide awake trying to figure it out.

My red –which was stuck at 30 for a week — went from 30 to 28.6 to 26 over the past 2 days.

My neutrophils dropped too. I can’t remember the numbers but they too went in reverse. I’m hoping this is simply my body fighting infection so I get a transfusion and get out of here but I’ll find out in rounds tomorrow what they want to do. They are doing another blood test at 6am to look for any trends.

Can somebody bring the spa and beach to me!! Haha. I’m ready for a freakin vacay at this point. Many of them. I need mojitos in one hand and sand at my feet and some good dance music. soon. Geez.

As always, thanks for the prayers.
#ArmorUp for LIFE®

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