Christmas Eve

Best 24 hours ever.
I’m writing as Gabriel sleeps on my chest. I’m in heaven. My little boy is my angel. He hugged me all night and sat up and whispered around 4am “I missed you Mami. I love you.” In fact, was beautiful. He tells me that all day. He screams “Mami !” And I say “what ?” And he screams back how much he loves me. God is great.

So far he’s been very attached and the best reunion of the entire year. He recognized me instantly. He took my hat off and said “Hey you have no hair??” And then told me he didn’t like that. Daddy promised him it would grow back before he knew it.

He is having some issues since I left like stuttering. He never stuttered. He also wants a pacifier and wants me to rock him like a baby. He’s never really used a pacifier but found an old one in his room. I will rock him all day long if he wants. Whatever my baby wants.

Since I got home we made cookies for Santa and reindeer food. Next is the baby Jesus cake. I love making memories. I have a lot of time to make up for over this challenging 2014.

Can’t wait for Santa to come and make more memories and then for New Years Eve so I can say goodbye to 2014 for good along with the bad memories and start 2015 on GREAT note filled with joy and I pray –a path to being cancer free and home with my family forever.

Thank you all so much for the prayers. I wouldn’t be sitting here with Gabriel without you all pulling me through the tough times. #ArmorUp for LIFE®
God bless!!


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