Celebrating #ArmorUp for LIFE® Warriors

I am so excited and inspired lately to get so many private messages from FB friends who have #ArmoredUp and improved their lives through diet, exercise and lifestyle. I get at least one message a day. I want to start posting these stories about these #ArmorUp for LIFE® Warriors. (Soon there will be a category on my blog for this and I can’t wait!) The stories in texts, emails and posts have been so awe inspiring that I can’t resist sharing. I love it. 
I’ll start posting these tomorrow but I wanted to start off with 2 ArmorUp for LIFE® Warriors I see everyday.  
My amazing hubby Cesar Osvaldo Aldama​ who is now working out with me, eating cleaner and doing his own fitness challenge (You may remember my jokes in the hospital that lovely Popeyes was right outside my window and he loved it. haha) Oh and he still loves his Oroes 🙁 but… I love that he is taking it up a notch so we can both live happier healthier lives together.  
The other warrior.. my amazing MOM.. Barbara Ferrara-Hernandez​ who QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!! I have been praying for this day for years and years. Every time I would meet someone in the hospital with smoking related cancer– and I would see him or her struggle.. my heart would sink and I would cry. I didn’t want my mom to walk the same halls I walked and have to fight like I had to fight. I never want anyone to go through that especially someone I love. I never thought I would see this day. It is a true blessing. Please rally around her and cheer her on…. she needs the extra push to not go back to smoking… EVER. 
So many of my friends have messaged me since I was diagnosed and began my #ArmorUp for LIFE® and shared such amazing stories about what you started doing and I was too sick to save them— so please — IF you did start something because of my #ArmorUp for LIFE® battle– send me your story again so I can add it to my list to share.  
I hope all these wonderful, positive success stories will inspire others. Lets let good health and LIFE — be contagious. 
God bless!!

and of course #ArmorUp for LIFE®

Loriana Hernandez