#ArmorUp for LIFE<sup>®</sup> for Cancer

#ArmorUp for LIFE® for Cancer

i had the honor today of shooting PSAs for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. #StyleMeBar did my make up. Felt good to promote all the great work LLS is doing to save lives. I cried. The scripts were hard to read. It wS tough having to say “there is no […]

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Rise and shine for a good cause

My sweet hubby Cesar Osvaldo Aldama always at my side. This morning we are heading to speak to the Ryan Kerrigam Foundation. I love when pro athletes give back. They set great examples on and off the field. Ryan has been very supportive with the Leukemia Society and his annual […]

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Why help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Rise and shine and make it a great day. Enjoy life and don’t take anything for granted. Last night was rough for me. Sometimes I rather not scroll through Facebook because I get upset easily. A dear FB friend who cheered me on during the worst of my cancer fight […]

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