Bone marrow donor drive may save 2 lives !

OMG… great news and I’m in tears as i write this. 
Well let me say this. If you don’t think YOU can make a difference by being a bone marrow donor then think again!! Hold a SWAB party in your office and you just might give a child with cancer the opportunity to live and give someone like me a chance to watch her son grow up.
Here’s proof! 
Last year while I was in the hospital – My husbands awesome office at Comcast SportsNet in Bethesda organized a bone marrow drive as I patiently waited for a match. They swabbed everyone in the office. My sister ended up being my donor and saving my life but guess what… 2 more lives might be saved thanks that donor drive by Be the Match.  
Tonight, after a tough day of my own. Cesar came home and told me “Thanks to that bone marrow drive and SWAB party at his office LAST YEAR –Two people in his office got calls this week to help save someone’s life. Yes… They are a MATCH to someone fighting cancer who has no other match.  
Just think someone is waiting in a hospital bed right now just dreaming of a match to keep them alive. I remember it like yesterday. Wondering if my family would be a match and if they weren’t then who could save me? I remember thinking of Gabriel and crying all night long — just wanting so bad to live and watch him grow up. I was already warned because of my “mixed race” — Cuban and Italian the odds of finding a match would be slim. I remember looking around the room at my team of doctors as i sobbed and said “so I would just die?” My sister was a match -thank GOD but others aren’t so lucky and they don’t make it. 
My friends who are family to me now Jennifer Ford Aparicio​ and Maria Dennis​ are alive today because of strangers who signed up to be on the donor list. Please help!
Please I beg you… ask your company to hold a donor drive. All it takes is a few signs and a great organizations like There Goes my Hero or Be the Match will show up and swab the staff.   
I’m still trying to recover from the bone marrow transplant and each day brings a new challenge but at least I was blessed to get this far and get a 2nd chance at life. Give someone another chance to LIVE.  
#ArmorUp for LIFE® and save a life.  

God bless!!

Loriana Hernandez