Well bone marrow biopsy procedure is over. The whole thing was traumatizing. 
 It was one of the worst on the scale for level of pain. Thank God Cesar Osvaldo Aldama was massaging my feet. The conscious sedation did NOT work. I don’t know why but I was fully awake as they had to use tool to grind into my bone and extract a piece of bone. I screamed and cried and begged them to stop half way through. They stopped. Then gave me more meds which did nothing but had to finish. So many tears later. Cesar is driving me home. 
It was also a new doctor. I actually was so upset I asked how many she did before. 

Then the used to do the procedure in another area of hospital but they moved them

To the 5th floor where I fought for that one year. It brought back so many memories. 
So glad it’s over. It was worth the suffering to be told I’m cancer free. I can only pray. I get my results in a week. 
Please pray for me. 

God bless.

#ArmorUp for LIFE®

Loriana Hernandez

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