Bella boo!

 Praying for my little Bella Boo. My dad and Jane got a call from her doggie hotel that she was sick and dehydrated and needed help. They picked her up tonight after they landed from DC.
 Haven’t seen her in 2 years. The day I was diagnosed w Leukemia my dad and Jane Bennett Nadeau took her in and cared for her and loved her ever since. Matter of fact, they drove her from Texas to DC then got the call and kept driving to Atlanta and took her to their home.
 What love.
 I know she’s just a dog but she’s my family and was my girl for years and I never got to say goodbye. Gabriel asks for her all the time.
 Miss that little face and her cold nose:) so happy they made her family. Now hoping she’s feeling better. Besos to you Bella boo!!
 ArmorUp for LIFE® my sweet pup. Get well.
 – Thank you for the continued prayers and taking the time to ArmorUp for LIFE® in your own life!

God bless!
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Loriana Hernandez