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1480564_10205304345832482_6133207565464691480_nGood Tuesday morning. Headed back to Johns Hopkins this morning in tears over pending test results and also feeling so incredibly blessed by the great neighbors we have just a door or 2 away. Thanks to them Cesar is able to go with me for my stem cell test results. I have cried for days and lost sleep because of so many unknowns. We do know either way I go back to the hospital -the question is when and for what. If the cancer still shows up in my stems cells we regroup and wait a month to get a transplant in order. If the test is negative which is what I’m praying for -then I go back in for another 30-40 day round in the hospital in about a week. Doctors are waiting for my body to “clear” the chemo so they can start another round. My body was having a tough time and they needed me to wait and see how I am recovering. So either way I know I have to be away from Gabriel and my heart aches. He hugs me all night and asks for me if I get up for any reason. This next time away is going to be tough.

My mom left this weekend 🙁 and Without the help of neighbors I would have had to go alone and have Cesar bring Gabriel to work and I get him on the way home because we didn’t want to drop off Gabriel anywhere at 4:45 am and have him wake up in a panic but since Gabriel plays so well with our neighbors kids they insisted we bring him over —so we carried Gabriel over and put him in bed at their house very early this morning. Between this wonderful family and Miranda Whitcher who has become like a sister to me and is always running over to visit, make me laugh and check on me– we are so fortunate to have picked a great subdivision and street to live on.

Thanks for the prayers.
#ArmorUp for LIFE®

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