Austin TX -Heal the world

In just a few hours I’ll be waking up to take a flight to the city that stole my heart–Austin Texas!!
 I’m so excited but anxious at the same time.
 I was a news anchor and health/fitness reporter for FOX 7 for nearly 8 years there. My son was born there. I have deep roots in the community driven by health and wellness. The friendships I formed -either at FOX or through the countless stories I covered -were unlike any other and remain strong. But when I step off that plane, I want to be that person I knew BEFORE cancer I’m quickly reminded of what happened, how life has changed and dreams that were cut short.
 Thankfully, my friendships haven’t changed and my friends accept me as I adjust to my “new normal” but I get so frustrated. I’m type A.
 The last time I was there I cried a lot. This trip will likely be the same. This will be the first time I will sleep away from Gabriel since being reunited after my leukemia battle. He truly has been so scarred emotionally (and so have I ) that I have never been apart from him since. He still asks if I’m going to leave him again and still asks about the suitcases I would pack when I left for 70 days at a time. I had to pack tonight after he fell asleep because there was no way I would let him see “those” suitcases again. Just the damn suitcases alone bring back bad memories. I know it’s healthy for me to get away and I have to grow and do it. I also have a bone marrow biopsy hanging over my head scheduled for one week from today.
 Despite the guilt, I know this trip is so special and the work that is being done through Pure Action, a non profit to help change lives through yoga. needs to continue. I will also get to spread the message of the ArmorUp for LIFE® Campaign at the Yoga Research Conference created by Pure Action. I’m honored to be asked to speak and advance my cause to save lives and help those fighting blood cancers.
 This is my mission.
 Please take time to attend the conference. It will be amazing. There are many TED style talks throughout the weekend and yoga too! I speak on Sunday.
 And watch FOX 7 Sunday!!
 I’ll be on the gold couch again on Good Day with AW and then taping a few things for our Stand Up 2 Cancer special.
 – Thank you for the continued prayers and taking the time to ArmorUp for LIFE® in your own life!
 God bless!
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Loriana Hernandez