Asking for prayers 

Good morning,I’m asking for prayers this morning as Cesar and I drive to Hopkins for an unscheduled visit. My doctor just wants to check my counts. My family has been under a tremendous amount of stress recently and I’m not feeling myself. I think I’ve hit my stress threshold. 
One should recover from a bone marrow transplant in the least amount of stress possible but clearly that’s not reality in my world. Managing stress used to be easy for me but after cancer it isn’t so easy. There is always fear.  
Last night, Gabriel says to me as we get ready for bed. “Mami I love you so much. Are you done being mad today.? I love you.” My heart ached that I let him see me upset again. This angel child of ours has seen me at my worst from being very sick on the floor in tears between treatments, to a tough days during my recovery. Im praying for good news. 
Today I ask everyone for prayers that my counts are great, a cure is in my future and that I see my son grow up. 
While we are on that topic please pray for my friends who are also fighting and support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Be The Match and There Goes My Hero. 
We all have walk teams for LLS Light the Night walks around the country. 
I’ll list those links tonight. 

Austin I’ll be emceeing your walk October 24. 
DC, VA and MD there are teams to join with my warrior friends. There is a walk tomorrow. 
Love you guys!

ArmorUp for LIFE®!!!

Be prepared for life. 

Loriana Hernandez

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