ArmorUp for LIFE® with a spoonful of Cinnamon!

Sprinkle on the cinnamon, shed some pounds and ArmorUp for LIFE® for Good Health!

Forget that old song about the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down, many researchers are finding that a spoonful of cinnamon can make the sugar levels go down and ultimately that could lead to weightless.

So if you are going to eat some sinful foods, just make sure you have some of the ancient spice around to counter act that sugar high! Not to mention that these studies also point out how beneficial cinnamon is for diabetics who are already following a good diet or the clean eating person who wants to shed a few more extra pounds too.  

How does this work?  When you eat carbohydrates, your sugar (insulin) levels go up.  What your body cannot break down or use, the rest will be stored as fat instead of burned.  Insulin resistance results in high levels of insulin being released into the bloodstream and the you go into fat storage mode.  Cinnamon has been found to lower that blood sugar released into the blood stream after a meal  and as a result, limits the amount of carbohydrate storage that will turn into fat.  Keeping your blood sugar low will help weight loss a lot easier, not to mention is a big step for diabetics.   

One of my favorite studies about how cinnamon works is when a Maryland USDA researcher made an accidental finding after studying patients eating apple pie and those who ate the apple pie with cinnamon showed a big drop in sugar (glucose) levels.  Then they took their surprising discovery to Pakistan and studied 60 patients who were undergoing treatment for type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is the diabetes that is adult onset due mainly to poor eating habits.  After 40 days of taking 1-2 teaspoons, the cinnamon lowered their blood sugar levels and increased their natural insulin production.

The researchers tested 50 plant extracts and found that none came close to the effects of the active compound in cinnamon and how it lowers blood sugar and impact fat storage.  Since then there have been countless studies on the powerful effects of cinnamon and how it can naturally treat diabetes and help others lose weight too.

Cinnamon is also used for many other medicinal purposes in Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and naturopathic medicine. The powerful spice is considered a warming herb and helps: circulation, digestion, and relieve abdominal spasms.  It also has antibacterial, antimicrobial, astringent and anti clotting properties.  
Ok, so if we now convinced you to ArmorUp for LIFE® and add cinnamon to your daily diet, lets make sure you buy the best kind to take in large quantities.
There are 2 kinds of cinnamon out there.

Cassia cinnamon- This is common one that is often sold in grocery stores in the spice section.  Researchers suggest that taking excessive quantities of cassia can be toxic®!

Loriana Hernandez