#ArmorUp for LIFE® Warrior -Sarah Smith

Hi Everyone!I wanted to celebrate an #ArmorUp for LIFE® Warrior.

Austin friend -Sarah Smith who says “I want you to know you’ve inspired me to #armorup and get healthy. I’ve lost 25 pounds since May and feel so much better and happier. Thanks for your inspiration.

Yet another friend who changed her life through diet and exercise and decided to ArmorUp for LIFE® since my Leukemia battle.

When I started this ArmorUp for LIFE® Movement I was in Johns Hopkins fighting for my life and when everyone asked what they could do for me I just wanted to see others change their lives through diet and exercise so they too would stand a chance if they ever walked this path. So many close friends, FB friends, family and total strangers did hear what I now call my battle cry and each day I get such beautiful messages like this. You don’t want to be caught off guard with any life threatening illness and not be fit enough to fight. You don’t want a smaller dose when others are getting the chance to fight with all they have!

This makes my heart so happy! I love this.

Sarah says her reality check came while teaching when she was tired after trying to keep up with 23 1st graders. She realized how she felt just wasn’t going to work and she needed change. She says ” So I just started making healthier food choices and walking more. I also started Nutrisystem (which I know has some processed foods) but it helped me to get going. I just got a new fitbit and am trying to get in 10,000 steps a day and eat 1500 calories a day or less.” She also says she loves the website www.skinnytaste.com website- it has some amazing low cal recipes that feel very indulgent. Sarah adds that this transformation is just starting and she wants to lose a total of 100 pounds. She tells me ” I feel confident though that this time I can do it! I need to be prepared for anything life throws at me. “
Sarah – I am so so proud of you. Thank you for #ArmoringUp and sharing your story and the website too!!!

You are now inspiring so many others in your journey. You got this!!

Congrats. You look great!

if you have an amazing story of #ArmoringUp please share.



Loriana Hernandez