#ArmorUp for LIFE® & help Be The Match

Rise and Shine everyone! 
I going to need coffee today. It’s a day full of raising money to help others and my heart couldn’t be happier. I will just have to sleep all day tomorrow to recover.

Today I’m heading out to a fundraiser for Be the Match Bethematch.org 
to run (probably walk or shuffle) my first 5k post transplant. Gabriel will be running his first fun run. I can’t wait.

The event is in Leesburg this morning at 8:30 and they will be swabbing to help add more transplant donors to the list to save lives. Did you know only 25-30% of donors are of mixed race?

There are some minorities who never find a match and don’t make it. I remember when they tested my sister for my match they said – if she isn’t a match… it may take time because there are slim pickings from those of mixed race. I’m Cuban and Italian. 
Recently, a girl I know of Korean background waited months and months and time was running out so at Johns Hopkins they did a trial of a transplant with NO match. They have no idea how this will turn out…. but you can change that and get swabbed!!

Come out to the run.. OR.. if you don’t live here then just get swabbed somewhere.

Tonight we head to another Leukemia and Lymphoma Society event to raise money for more trials. Trials are desperately needed to save lives and have advancements in treatment for AML -my type of Leukemia

Loriana Hernandez