#ArmorUp for LIFE® Good test results!

Prayers answered! Thank you…
Good news.. I remain CANCER FREE.
Woo Hoo… My next test is in March and then I have a big test April 24th.
No abnormal cells…In fact my body is starting to MAKE red blood cells and the cells it makes are bigger.
That is good news because it’s more oxygen to the blood and therefore I should start feeling some more energy sometime soon.
I still however remain among only a handful they see 4 months post transplant with this bad of Graft Vs Host Disease (GVHD) which is the fight between my marrow and my sister’s fight. The rash is painful and on my upper body. What that means internally is that my body is severely inflamed. I’m on a lot of medicine to treat GVHD and I HAVE to take it but it is also VERY VERY toxic to the body so it is a fine balance the doctor must walk. to treat me. It is also why the doctor says I feel weak at times and have chills.

I can keep up my workouts which is awesome!
I start my yoga class tomorrow.. amen for that.
and my doctor will consider a trip for us to go away in May… but it has to be within the US.
The only question is what I would do if i got a fever since they don’t trust other ER’s and most don’t know how to properly treat transplant patients according to Hopkins standards. It is a much different protocol.. for example.. I could not get a CT Scan with contrast in it because it could shut down my liver and kill me.
( I went to an ER here locally one night and that’s what they did. Thankfully, I’m ok from it)

I’m up for ANY ideas for a beach vacation in the US — .ON the beach— not near it.
I want to open my door and hit sand.
Yes, Gabriel will be coming with us. I ‘m not about to leave him after last year.
I want somewhere nice where we can relax and also renew our wedding vows… “In less sickness and more health.”
Trip ideas would be great!! Then I’ll ask my doctor on my next visit and get permission as to when exactly I can go.


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