#ArmorUp for LIFE® for Heart Health

A powerful story on why your HEART HEALTH could save your life.

If you are so tired of hearing me say #ArmorUp for LIFE® then forgive me… read this story below of a woman I met in the hospital and it might change your time and get you back to your workouts. 
Let me first say that if diagnosed with cancer and you need IV chemo.. it will go directly into a catheter and right through your heart. How healthy you are.. determines how much chemo can run through those tubes and directly related to your treatment. 
I will never forget the day I was walking the leukemia unit at Johns Hopkins and saw an older man sobbing. He told me his wife had leukemia but she could NOT check in on the Leukemia unit because her heart wasn’t strong enough for chemo. Instead, she had to go to cardiology FIRST and treat her weak heart and when her heart was strong enough to being able to run chemo through THEN she could return to the Leukemia unit and start treatment. “What? I was so nieve to the fight. Cancer was raging through her body… in her bloodstream but she couldn’t get the chemo she needed? In my heart, I wanted to believe we all had the same fighting chance. I wanted to believe my dose of chemo hanging from MY IV bag was just as strong as the next persons chemo. I was so wrong.  

 It was so heartbreaking to see the pain in his eyes as he walked away. My doctor explained that since the chemo is feed through an IV DIRECTLY from the Hickman (a port like tube) from the chest and straight INTO the heart that ones heart must be strong enough to accept the VERY TOXIC chemo and not shut down. Your body has to be fit enough to fight. 
I saw him walk away with his head down. He felt so helpless. His wife had a look of fear in her eyes. She was then wheeled down the hall to cardiology. I didn’t see her for a few weeks but when I did my eyes lit up. I was so happy she was able to finally treat this fast moving Leukemia. I wanted her to have the same chance I had.
Over the next few weeks I began to socialize in the hallway with her and her husband. She was having trouble but trying so hard to fight. Her chemo dose was much lower than mine. The bag hanging —so much smaller. That’s all she COULD get. You see her husband told me that doctors had to tip-toe around her weak heart and other health issues. Her husband would knock on my door and run into my room and despite HIPPA rules he would come in and beg for me to pray for his wife. He once told me he didn’t believe in GOD but he always asked me to pray and I always did. He would say “Please pray for my wife. I don’t know what I will do without her. I wish she took better care of herself. I need her. I love this woman so much.” He cries for help would play over and over in my head. 
Then one day.. I saw him in the halls. His head was bowed. His shoulders hunched over. He was sobbing. I knew it. I knew what happened. I had seen this routine too many times in the hospital. I walked up to him and said “where is she? where is she?” He hugged me and said “she went home. Home to be with the lord.” I fought back tears. I could see the pain in his eyes. I wasn’t sure his aching heart would even survive this devastating loss and there I stood feeling so guilty. In my workout clothes.. on a mission to fight and pushing an IV pole with a big bag of chemo. My body was fit to fight. There was no other illness to tip-toe around. I got what the protocol treatment recommended. It just didn’t seem fair.  
I don’t know if there was something this sweet woman could have done over her lifetime to #ArmorUp for LIFE® and get fit to fight. I wasn’t privy to that information. But I do know her husband said “He wished she would have taken better care of herself.” I also know that YOU… YES YOU have the opportunity to do just that starting RIGHT NOW. You have the chance to get fit to fight whatever may come your way. I don’t want you to be the one to require other treatment before you can get the life saving treatment you really need. I don’t want you to get 1/2 a bag of chemo when you need a full dose because your high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity can’t handle it. I want you to get every last drop of the chemo you need. I want you to be so fit that you kick cancers ass or whatever it is you are fighting.
My sister #ArmoredUp and took control of her life. She was already working out but she changed her diet and lost 40 pounds since donating her bone marrow to me in November of last year. She went from a size 12 to a 6. She has gotten off ALL of her blood pressure medications. Her cholesterol is now amazing. Yes.. of course she can now get into those skinny jeans but this is far more important than skinny jeans. This is life. Who knows how many years she added to her life. I salute her for being my hero and an ArmorUp for LIFE® Warrior!! 
Please.. i urge you today. Put your armor on. Get fit to fight. ArmorUp for LIFE®.  

If just may save your life and in the process — you will feel pretty damn good after you change your life through diet and exercise.  

Make the commitment today. 


#ArmorUp for LIFE®

Loriana Hernandez