ArmorUp for LIFE® Challenge Starts March 1 !!

Hi Everyone!
The ArmorUp for LIFE® Challenge is now starting March 1-March 31
It is a GREAT way to challenge yourself to get in the best possible shape possible and on the road to a NEW you. We know changing your total body health isn’t a quick fix, it is a life long commitment but we hope this challenge will jump start your body and mind to get prepared and think about why each and every workout can save your life.

Please ask yourself. If you were diagnosed with CANCER or some other life threatening illness.. are you in TOP condition and prepared for battle.

We want to get you there.
You will:
– meet with a Sport and Health Trainer for an assessment
–body fat testing start and finish
–get a free t’shirt
–get a punch card to track your visits
–be eligible for cash prizes

and we will give you the tools to succeed. You will get a video with an awesome strength workout you should do 2-3 days a week, a restaurant guide and video of all the restaurants helping you ARMORUP with leaner healthier menu options and more!

IT’s a WIN_WIN for the Leukemia Society too.
Your $30 individual or $250 business donation (all your employees will be eligible) will go directly to LLS to save lives like mine.

God bless!!




Loriana Hernandez