ArmoringUp with LLS

I just realized I never posted on this page the latest Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser I attended—The Man Woman of the Year event. Before I get to that… let me say this.. If you haven’t had a chance to support LLS — maybe this is the time. They are amazing and their love and passion to end blood cancers will leave you in awe. Each year LLS has numerous ways you can get involved and save lives. I had to use the saying “there is something for everyone” but there is.  

You can go to the Leukemia Ball— if that’s not your thing then you can walk for a “Light the Night” event in the fall —OR– if you want to #ArmorUp for LIFE® you can get fit with “Team in Training” or “Moms in Training” and get trained by one of their awesome coaches to run a 10k=, 1/2 marathon or full marathon and then there’s this event… Man/Woman of the Year event. 
If you have a great social network and want to challenge yourself personally, professional and get inspired to change lives you can run for this campaign. Each city has it’s own campaign. Here is DC 12 men and 12 women were challenged over 10 weeks to see how much money they can raise to fund research and trials… yes the VERY research and trials that could one day save my life… and together this amazing group raised $1.8 million dollars in just 10 weeks. In Austin- my friend Shannon Wolfson won and here in the DC area my friend Megan Imbert got 2nd runner up. Both did an amazing job but they are ALL heroes to me. They have campaign managers to help them and then they are like machines cranking out different fundraisers either through social media or local events. Then one man and one woman wins — the honor and title of woman of the year. It is a fantastic event. We were all up in our seats dancing and crying.    
This is something you can do in your city. Just pick something to get involved in. You will meet so many people that as you change lives.. your own life will change too. It’s a win-win.  
Again, let me personalize my plea to get involved by reminding you that if my transplant doesn’t work they have nothing else for me. I would need a trial to save my life. LLS funds trials. You can help fund these trials. 
Here’s a look at pictures from the event. 

I hope to make it to Austin’s event next year and the DC one again.

Please don’t forget o #ArmorUp for LIFE® -get fit to fight.

Getting involved IS ArmoringUp! 


Loriana Hernandez