ArmoringUp by shedding the weight and the toxicity!

Day 22 into our ArmorUp for LIFE® Challenge but day 2 for the FREE 21 Day Oprah & Deepak Meditation Experience.

There are “5 Ways to ArmorUp for LIFE® in your LIFE”
Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, Financial and Spiritual Fitness… #3 Lifestyle is about taking time to enjoy life. Make Memories, Take time to relax, Meditate for the mind and soul and reflect. This is a great way to do this.

Oh and yes it might be called “Shedding the weight”- you don’t have any weight to lose you say? This is about shedding the toxicity in our minds and bodies. Getting rid of the negative and replacing it with the positive.

You can still start this mediation. #ArmorUp for LIFE®Bram #IGotThis
Stephanie Lee

Loriana Hernandez