Angels among us

sunsethillslogoIn awe daily with the kindness of friends and also strangers who have helped. Please support Sunset Hills Automotive if you live in Virginia. They met us early this year when I first started my battle with Leukemia and Cesar’s car was being repaired. Today my car needed $2100 worth of work from the constant driving back and forth. They called and said “all the guys at the shop decided to donate their time today and repair your car!” I’m in tears.

See how much good can come from something as bad as cancer. There are so many good souls in this world. We are so blessed. This shop has been so honest with every repair and now their kindness has left us speechless. This is the result of putting it in GODS hands!! Amen. Hope this is a sign of good things to come and my transplant going well.

dgLogoAnd then there is this act of kindness from Shauna, the owner of Daily Greens who makes an amazing green drink. She just sent me 12 to bring to the hospital. She started her company to heal after her own battle with cancer and remains an advocate to help cancer patients. Usually I can’t have juiced drinks with low counts and a low immune system but these go through an HPP high pressure processing to make them safe for everyone. A portion of her profits helps others with cancer. I will support her!! Thank you so much for your kindness Shauna!! Xo



And finally, to the doctor who discussed my chances of survival during our meeting to sign consent papers — don’t tell me “it’s luck. There’s nothing you can do on your own to increase your chances” — you must not know the power of prayer and our GOD. I feel him working and I feel so blessed.

(BTW the way he wasn’t my usual amazing doctor who is always a cheerleader for me doing well. The consent doctor needs some training on positive and encouraging conversations!)

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