Loriana Hernandez-Aldama is a cancer survivor, patient advocate, inspirational keynote speaker and an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years of on-air television experience, anchoring prime-time and morning news as well as reporting on a national and local level. Chances are you’ve seen Loriana’s work, found yourself riveted by her powerful and compelling storytelling or simply enjoyed her charismatic and refreshingly authentic on-camera personality. Others have been captivated by many of Loriana’s public speaking engagements where she urges others to “PREhabilitate” or “ArmorUp for LIFE® “ and change their lives through health and wellness.

Loriana’s unique broadcasting talent has taken her across the country from CNN/CNN Headline News to California, followed by her most recent stops in Dallas and Austin, Texas. Hard news has always been Loriana’s primary post, however her most passionate assignments have centered on the transformational power of health, fitness and nutrition. Loriana has served as National Health Reporter for FOX News stations, and she was most recently recognized by Austin MD Magazine as a “Top 20 woman who has shaped the city’s health and wellness.”

Over the years, Loriana has lent her celebrity and news connections to a variety of community-driven projects, Now her biggest story -surviving CANCER and helping others ArmorUp for LIFE® and get fit to fight whatever comes their way!

It wasn’t until Loriana’s own cancer diagnosis (AML Leukemia) in 2014 and fierce one year battle that she uncovered the biggest story of her career when doctors told her the more fit she was, the more aggressively they could treat her and the better her chances of survival. She founded the non-profit, ArmorUp for LIFE® with the core message of PREhabilitation, meeting the medicine halfway, showing up fit for the fight and becoming an equal partner in your own success.

The cancer was detected by her fertility doctor who insisted on a precautionary blood test before a traditional embryo transfer. Instead of a new baby, Loriana got cancer. And she quickly learned she was dealing with AML, an aggressive and fast-moving variant. Within days of her diagnosis, Loriana kissed her then two-year-old son Gabriel “goodbye,” then sent him to live with extended family in Atlanta.

Loriana boarded another plane, and was whisked away to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for chemotherapy treatment. This is where she’s been fighting ever since. Her journey has been an arduous test of strength and courage, with tear-inducing ups and downs along the way. Using social media as her tool, she has given tens of thousands of people a front-row seat to her daily trials and tribulations, describing in raw detail the routine challenges any cancer patient faces. Chock full of hope, setbacks, small victories and frequent heartache, Loriana’s posts have not only captured the hearts and minds of a growing digital audience, but given us all a glimpse into what cancer treatment is really like.

ArmorUp for LIFE® is on a mission to inspire everyone from high level executives and busy professionals who can’t find work-life balance to patients actively fighting cancer to “Prioritize their Well-Being” so they can prepare for whatever fight they might face.

For those already in the fight, Loriana is working to change the patient experience, improve patient outcomes and boost compliance by working to remove the noise around patients so they can better focus on the fight.

Loriana’s ArmorUp for LIFE® story, mission and message are resonating on a national stage through several media platforms. Loriana has graced the cover of magazines Health Monitor and CANCER Today, appeared on national/local TV and radio networks to discuss break-through treatments and research, been profiled in ASCO’s Cancer.Net Blog (American Society of Cancer Oncology), addressed the FDA about fast tracking the latest treatment in cancer, and often serves as keynote speaker, conference host and/or moderator in and out of the cancer space.

Transparent. Bold. Honest. Those words are often used to describe Loriana’s delivery and impact when she’s on stage sharing her story and inspiring her audience about finding work-life balance. She sheds light on the real side effects of cancer, the potential consequences of not recharging and why the time is now to make a change in your own life and become your own HERO.

ArmorUp for LIFE®’s mission is to help every patient build his/her own “Pit Crew” to successfully lead them to the finish line. The organization also collects fitness gear for cancer patients.


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