Live with no regrets! Why you SHOULD take a vacation. 

Why you should take a vacation and live with no regrets.

Today finally got my beach vacation.

I touched the sand this morning with Cesar and Gabriel and it brought tears to my eyes. 

We had the BEST DAY EVER together as a family. We didn’t want the day to end.  

I’m so grateful to be alive and so grateful to fulfill this wish of mine to have a family vacation. 

The day I was diagnosed with Leukemia- I screamed in anger and cried out 2 things to Cesar and my doctors. .

 (1) when will I see my son again ?

 (2) why didn’t I take vacations and go to the beach ??!! The beach is the happiest place on earth to me. Its my favorite place to be. Why were we so busy with our own lives that we didn’t make taking time off a priority. ?

I couldn’t let go of it. The entire year I battled in the hospital I would keep repeating and break down in tears as I would talk to Cesar on my lowest days.. why? Why did we have to save every penny (granted it was to be to be together in one city) and not budget quality family time to enjoy life.  
I sat there and looked around at the room of doctors and thought if this is my last day – am I at peace with my life? I wasn’t.
Please take time to ask yourself that question.  
Go out and enjoy your life. Live with NO regrets.
Find time to do what makes your heart happy and spend time with those you love. 

Life is precious. 

 You ONLY have today.  

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

You CANT take your money with you or material possessions but you CAN enjoy life today and create beautiful memories with the ones you love.  



Loriana Hernandez

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