3 of 4 Results are in

Update to my 6 month Bone Marrow Biopsy
Ok… I have some answers to my bone marrow biopsy test and while I’m so grateful… it is still leaves me full of anxiety because my doctor explained more of the details surrounding my AML Leukemia mutation. This is also why it is SO SO important to raise money for organizations like The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and other non-profits looking to help fund treatments for trials and advancements in AML. We need more tools in the tool kit to help patients like me and so many others. An LLS funded trial can do that and make a difference. 
# 1Yes.. I am in remission. Praise GOD!!! 

I hope and pray I stay in remission forever and watch Gabriel grow up.  
What stressed me out is my doctor telling me that there is no way of knowing how long I will stay in remission. AND… at the current time I do not have anything to fall back on. I cannot get another transplant. Why? You have to be in remission to get one and it would be very hard to get me back into remission, according to my doctor, if that were to ever happen. He says that is why we need to pray for more trials to become available to help unlock the mystery of this horrible disease. Every day new discoveries are made and he told me just to hope that there are new options available down the road if that ever were to happen. 
# 2 I’m 100% donor cells !! YAY.. I’m 100% my sister. Praise God to that too.

That does up your chances of survival and lessen your risk of relapse but according to my doctor that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Recently, a patient with 100% donor cells relapsed. Anything is possible. They simple don’t have enough data on Leukemia donor cells to know why that happened.  
#3 My “T” cells. I went from 100% T cells to 95% T cells. 

My doctor says that is normal. They don’t know enough about the T cells to really know why they fluctuate. Johns Hopkins is studying these numbers and what exactly the correlation of the T cell % to success rate. They simply don’t know.

What my doctor can tell me is “T cells are like the snipers who will take out any leukemia cell it finds. They troll the body looking for bad invaders like a leukemia cell.”

However, if just one cells sneaks by.. it’s a problem.
# 4 The stem cell trial. 

I hope they eventually do release the results of that trial. I would love to know if God forbid I’m going to relapse BEFORE it actually happens so we can get the upper hand on it. Why is that so important? You must be in remission in order to be treated in most cases. Many lives are lost when they can’t get the patient back into remission to be treated. This advance notice would essentially allow you to be treated before a relapse happened..from what I understand from my doctor.  
However, since I pulled myself out of that trial. I will no longer get the results.  

That’s what was so upsetting when I asked my doctor– what happens if I relapse. 

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages. I am one of countless people impacted by this horrible disease. When I talk to my friends who have gone through this.. they are also very stressed. The best we can do is try to tuck that anxiety away and go out and try to live life to the fullest each day. 
Thanks for the prayers and support.

Please please.. go out and #ArmorUp for LIFE®
Get a CBC test.. a complete blood count test. It is covered by most insurance and is a simple blood draw.

If you have a heath issue that simply won’t go away… a cough, sore throat etc.. go get it checked out. Often, there can be a bigger underlying problem with something that simply won’t go away.

Change your life through diet and exercise. Cut out the white flour, cut sugar out of your diet or decrease it, go green and try some green drinks. Cut processed foods, dyes and artificial ingredients etc. Go for a walk, a run or give yoga a try. 

Manage your stress and balance your life.

Armor up keep your mind strong and believe you can do anything!!! 
God bless!!



Loriana Hernandez