Adrenalin surge from exercising stimulates natural killer cells to scour and destroy tumors.. according to a new study!
 Another reason you need to ArmorUp for LIFE® and why getting fit BEFORE cancer can save your life.
 According to a study from the University of Copenhagen, in a series of experiments, researchers trained one set of mice to run on treadmills and another group was more sedentary. They then injected the mice with tumor-producing carcinogens… and wait until you see what happened!!!
 Before we get to that…
 Oh wait! You don’t think you will get cancer. You are immune to it? It will happen to other people NOT you. After all, you eat healthy. WRONG!
 Or maybe you eat very unhealthy foods but look great and you don’t think it will happen to you either so you just don’t get that motivated.
 Maybe THIS will motivate you…. to get FIT and stay FIT.
 The exercising mice fought the tumors better, according to the study and Health Day News.
 The exercising mice had fewer tumors, and the tumors that they did develop were smaller and lighter, with fewer growth factors and less metastasis.
 Compared with couch-potato mice, their tumor burden was reduced by more than 60%.
 Even more amazing!
 Certain kinds of exercise stimulated a specific immunological response that sent the body’s natural killer immune cells directly into tumors to destroy them—a kind of “immunological spark” that ignites other cells in the immune system to fight cancer, according to the study’s authors according to HealthDay News and the details in the study.
 The key was adrenalin, a “stress” hormone also known as epinephrine. When you exercise vigorously enough to get your heart really pumping, your body sends out more adrenalin—and it’s that adrenalin surge, the researchers report, that stimulates natural killer cells to scour and destroy tumors.
 Human studies will be needed to pinpoint exactly how intense exercise needs to be to optimize this immune response. But we already know that exercise that raises your heart rate significantly and makes you break a sweat causes the release of much more adrenalin than milder exercise.
 The good news.. training boosts the adrenalin response. So it is not too late to get started.
 If you already have cancer, the adrenalin rush may be adding an immunological boost to your cancer fight, too. And according to the study, once you’ve beaten the disease, regular heart-pumping exercise may help prevent it from ever coming back.
 On that note -here is a picture of me running with my father when I was in high school. I was #ArmoringUp at a young age.

God bless!
 University of Copenhagen “Voluntary Running Suppresses Tumor Growth through Epinephrine and IL-6-Dependent NK Cell Mobilization and Redistribution/HealthDay News.
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Loriana Hernandez