Great news!

Great news –NO signs of cancer again!!

Despite not feeling well for a few weeks, taking antibiotics and it not working, having a virus, a recent biopsy procedure for other internal problems that had me in a lot of pain (cause by all because the of damage done by all the chemo I had) — my cells are clear. I can’t tell you how relieved I am once again. This time really had me worried.

Those drives to Johns Hopkins are always filled with anxiety. I had the best 2 hour drive home ever. Tears of joy and I can’t tell you how exciting it was to walk into Gabriel’s school and having him run into my arms and know I get to hold my little nugget and that I am getting healthier by the day. It’s just a long frustrating process but I am truly so so blessed.

Please ArmorUp for LIFE® in your life.. get FIT.. I started this fight super FIT and in great condition. Yes, the chemo did damage but my body is able to bounce back. (well.. not to where I would like nor the woman I used to be –) but i’m moving in the right direction. This is WHY I beg everyone to ArmorUp for LIFE®.. please ask yourself today… if you were diagnosed with cancer- are you FIT enough to fight? is there enough room to have chemo break you down and you get back up?

ArmorUp for LIFE® Today… #ArmorUp for LIFE®
And if you live in Ashburn VA– sign up for the Challenge!

God is good! Thank you for your prayers all the time.

Loriana Hernandez