100% donor. Praise God

Wooo hooo
100% donor!!!! 100% Lisa in my bone marrow AND T-cells.
I’m so excited and so blessed. They will test my bone marrow and look into my stem cells again at the 6 month mark. Right now there are no signs of leukemia but it is not called a cure for at least a year. More tests to come but how amazing is that??!!! I’m on my way.

As for the T-cells. What are they? Those cells are like generals in an army. They swim up to something bad and kill it. In this case T-cells are killing any remaining leukemia. They are 100% my sister’s DNA too. This too is a blessing.

As for my Graft vs Host. It’s roaring. I have this horrible itchy rash on my face and arms and chest. It also can make you feel exhausted. It’s working. This is the fight between my marrow and my sister’s marrow. Doctors want this. It’s a sign of the transplant working. My doctor says graft vs host could be my cure. So I have to keep itching.

In fact, my doctor told me that he just cured a patient who relapsed by inducing graft vs host by removing medicine to treat it and the guy went into remission. My doctor is so amazing. I’m so blessed to have him. We will keep praying for my cure.

Doctor said the only thing that could be bad right now is if I got the flu because I would get pneumonia. So I’m being very strict with wiping down everything and wearing my mask.

Going home after spending much of 2014 in the hospital has been amazing and very emotional. I unpacked but was scared to. I saw how much Gabriel needed me and felt pressure to be cured and never leave him again. Guilt for everything Cesar had to juggle.
Can’t wait for 2015. It’s only up from here. Can’t wait to make new memories and leave 2014 behind. Woo hoo!!

Can’t wait until we get cleared (probably 1 year) to go to the beach for a vacation and have a nice family trip and renew our vows. “In less sickness and more health.” Praise God.

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